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How to get more watch time on Youtube

As a small Youtuber you need to focus your attention to watch time. But how do you get it?

Here are 5 tips, to increase watch time on Youtube and get your channel closer to partnership!

5 Tips to increase watch time on Youtube

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5)  Make longer videos

It sounds stupidly simple but if you want to increase the amount of hours people watch your videos, then simply make them longer! Remember though, Content is king so make sure it’s all relevant.

4) Keep their attention

Keep your audience’s attention, not to sound harsh, but if your video is a plain background with not a lot of movement, your viewers will get bored easily and are more likely to click off the video. Keep your editing snappy, Use jump cuts and try to make use of B-roll too!

3) Youtube Analytics

Study your Youtube analytics and see where people are usually dropping off. Make a note of what point that video is and create a plan to overcome the issues that are forcing your viewers away from your videos, this can be something as simple as a quick jump cut or a Segway into something else.

2) Thumbnails & Titles

Make sure that your thumbnails and your titles accurately represent what the video content is about, Sure you can get an extra 10,000 views with a picture of Ariana Grande Twerking as a thumbnail, but if the content is completely different to what the thumbnail and title is saying, then people will click off within seconds reducing your overall watch time.

Aaaaaaaand finalllly!

1) Make your viewers wait

Make your viewers wait for the ultimate point of the video, tease  it in the beginning  (Like I did with this one) – Create hype around the topic of your video, if you’re making a list video like I am now, then tell your audience to stick around till the end because you’re saving the best till last.

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