How To

Thumbnails on Youtube

Custom Thumbnails are a feature of Youtube that are often overlooked, but in terms of CTR (Click Through Rates) they are probably the single most important factor in determining if you are going to get a view or not.

Let me explain!

When the Youtube Algorithm looks at your video, it will be looking at over 4 million data points that will determine the rank of that video, now we don’t know what all 4 million data points are, but we do know that the editable META Data we have plays an enormous role in deciding.

Those Datasets being the Title, Description and Tags!

But another factor that will determine how well your video performs is CTR and if Youtube shows your video to someone (an impression) and they don’t click your video, that can have a determental affect on your channels performance.

So how can we increase the click through rates on our videos?


Making a custom Thumbnail that is visually appealing and conveys the intent of the video will have a massive difference on your views.

You can A/B Test your thumbnails in the Analytics by looking at how many people click through on ‘A’ compared to ‘B’.

But just how do I see my CTR?

You can see your CTR in the Youtube Analytics see the below image for an example of a good CTR!

So the takeaway for this is to make appealing thumbnails that will make people want to click on your videos and remember to always check your analytics to see what is and what isn’t working for your channel, remember Youtube is a marathon and not a sprint so take your time!