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how to make a youtube channel in 2019

Looking to make a Youtube Channel? Becoming a Youtuber is one of the dreams a lot of people share, but in order to become super successful you need to create your channel and optimise it so it looks good and conveys a message that people can understand. So how do we make a youtube channel and set it up?

Well first and probably the most important part is choosing a name, this is the first thing a lot of people will see so make sure it sounds good!

Choosing a channel name

What is in a name?

A name is what separates us from other creators; it identifies us amongst the other creators on the platform.

With well over 1.5 MILLION Creators on the platform your name needs to be something that people can remember.

Here are my suggestions for name criteria

  • Keep it simple, Choose a name with one to two words, around 6 – 9 characters long
  • Make it Unique, No one remembers “Jims Tech Village 72736378”
  • Avoid using your name, unless it’s something totally unique
  • Look through a Dictionary, look at how words sound and work from there.

Examples of a good name that are both unique and memorable are:

  • Pewdiepie
  • Smosh
  • Markiplier
  • Nigahiga
  • Jacksepticeye

As you can see from these examples they are all unique and if someone was to spread the word about their videos, it’s very easy for them to appear in the search results as they are the only ones with those names.

As you may notice from the list, some of them utilise their names, Markiplier, Nigahiga and Jacksepticeye all have their real names hidden inside their username, making it even more unique and identifiable to them, so it may be worth considering doing something similar with your YouTube name.

I already have a channel, but I dont like the name. Should I make a new channel?

No need to make a new channel, simply change your channels name!

Optimising a channels META DATA

META Data is simply the information provided to Youtube to help them understand what your video about, Optimising META Data is the practice of Search Engine Optimisation and can be very useful.

Your channels META DATA is as important as your videos so don’t under estimate the power of search for your channels performance.

When optimising your channels Keywords think about what people will be searching for, so for example if you’re a Fortnite gaming Youtube channel, you could use keywords such as :

  • Fortnite Gaming
  • Fortnite PC
  • Fortnite Kills
  • Fortnite Wins

Think about the search terms people might be typing in “How to win on Fortnite” or “How to unlock custom skins on Fortnite”

Creating an enganing Channel banner and Icon

Channel pages are the first proper experience your viewers have as to what it is you do, a poorly designed channel could  be the difference between a person subscribing or not.

Bad example of a channer banner

A bad example of a youtube banner

Good example of a channel banner

A good example of a youtube banner

A channels Icon is probably the most important part of all, it not only appears on your channel page but it appears on every video that you leave a comment on. So make sure you make it stand out!

An example of a Youtube channel Icon

The next step in order to unlock more functionality on Youtube is to Verify your channel!

Verify your channel!

Once you have done all of that, the next step is to upload some content to your channel, In order to do that you’ll need some good video editing software and something to create some awesome looking thumbnails!