Staying Motivated on Youtube - Setting realistic goals

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Of youtube content is uploaded every single minute.

With that much content being uploaded to Youtube every single minute it’s hard to imagine any one of us breaking through the noise and get even 1% of that amount of watch time. So the question becomes How do you stay motivated on Youtube?

To me, staying motivated on Youtube is as simple as breaking down exactly what your goals are into little segments.

What are your goals?

If your goals include becoming a Youtube partner and making money from your content then you need to break down exactly what that means for your channel.

First of all, we know you need at least 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers.

Hours of watch time is the same as
Minutes of watch time.

Breaking it down

Break it down into manageable chunks, Rome wasn’t built in a day and we can not assume our channel will grow to 4,000 hours within 1 week. But a simple calculation will tell us that

240,000 minutes = 100 videos all one minute in length receiving 2400 views.

Manage your expectations

Most content creators will upload content thatis more than one minute long, so by doubling the length of your videos to 2 minutes, your target view count is only 1200. Double it again and its only 600.

Breaking it down, into small achievable goals will keep you motivated for longer.


Break down your subscriber goals

Lets assume that you are going to be making 10 videos within the first 3 months of your channel being created, you will need to bring in 100 new subscribers for every video that is produced.

Double the amount of videos you make and it halves the amount of subscribers needed to achieve the goal.

The bottom line is, by managing your goals and setting small, realistic expectations for yourself, you will stay motivated to achieve those goals.


What are your goals on Youtube for 2019?

Let me know in the comments below this post!